Sunday, November 12, 2017

Archery Shooting

I have bow hunted for several years now, and I practice as often as possible. With the help of the accubow (an archery training device), I have increased my draw weight to 60 pounds, maxing out my elite bow. 

I have practiced all the way out to 50 yards, which is my bottom pin on my sights. My dad on the other hand, is proficient with a bow out to an unbelievable 100 yards. 

Many do not believe me when I tell them this, so I decided to record him shooting a few times with my phone to make a video for my YouTube channel. 

In this video I made, the first two shots were low, but the fact that he hit the target at all at that distance still astounds me. I told him it was low, and on the third shot, he center punched the small, orange Tinks bottle he was aiming at. I think I was more excited about the shot than my dad himself. 

The video is worth watching if y’all have free time. I tried videoing from two different angles to get the best footage for an edited YouTube video. 

This video is actually of 6 shots, but for the sake of a good video, I edited it all into one. The first three I filmed, I was standing behind dad while he shot. The grouping of dad's arrows was actually better on his first shots, but I didn't have an extra camera to record the arrow hitting the target. 

The group wasn't as good in the second round of shots when I was standing near the target (at a safe distance away), but he hit the Tinks bottle on the last shot. 

I am still working on my editing skills over iMovie. If I can get good enough using iMovie, I may invest in a better software to do my editing. 

What do y'all think?

YouTube Video:

Jeff Barron 100 Yard Bow Shot