Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just an Update

The weather is getting a little sketchy here in South Alabama with Hurricane Irma way-laying Florida and Georgia. I have spent my time indoors trying to learn to edit. I will be the first to tell y'all, I am about as technologically illiterate as they come. This is not easy for me! I'm working on it though, and hopefully I will have a YouTube channel up and going pretty soon for y'all. 

I also just got done with my giveaways on Instagram for 100,000 followers. Giveaways are not easy for me! I use a random number generator to pick a number, count through the comments manually, and then check the person who's number was drawn and make sure they met all the criteria to be eligible to win. My last giveaway for ORCA cooler had almost 5,000 comments! So many to count! Lucky the first number drawn was a girl named Madison who had met all the requirements. I'm glad I didn't have to count through all of that to get to the second number generated. 

Thank you to all who participated! More giveaways are coming on Facebook and Instagram once I hit 150,000 followers on either platform. 

Y'all be safe during the storms! I'll keep y'all in my prayers. 

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