Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why I Watermark

After several of my pictures were stolen from my social media pages to use by individuals to create their own fake profiles using my pictures over Facebook, Instagram, and even, I decided it was time to start watermarking some of my pictures. 

A watermark is writing in a picture that is conspicuous without being gaudy. My photos were mainly stolen from my Instagram account, so I used to place the text "@hannahbarron96" in my photos somewhere that couldn't easily be taken out. I did the same thing with my Facebook page including a watermark that read "Hannah Barron Outdoors" in my profile picture.

I started doing this is in the Spring, so most of my recent noodling pictures contain my watermark. I will do the same thing with my hunting pictures this season. 

I don't mind people using my photos, I only ask to receive credit when they're used.

So far, the pictures I have watermarked have not been stolen. People continue to use my older photos I posted before I began using Aviary, but theres not much I can do about that other than addressing the accounts personally.

I also want to thank everyone who has brought these different accounts to my attention. Thank y'all for the amazing support you have given me over the last year!

Here are some examples of the watermarked pictures I have posted recently: 

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